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Iowa Worker Compensation Help

Iowa law requires employers to provide benefits to injured workers, regardless of whether the employer caused the injury or did anything wrong. So long as the injury arose out of the employment, the employer must provide these benefits. This includes injuries that arise over a period of time, such as a back or knees eventually wearing out from repetitive lifting or kneeling.

The three main types of benefits are medical benefits, wage replacement, and permanency benefits. These benefits are usually provided through Worker Compensation Insurance which every employer is required to carry.

What are Medical Benefits?

Medical benefits means the employer's insurance is required to pay for all medical care required by the injury or injuries.

What are Wage Replacement Benefits?

Wage replacement benefits means that the employer's insurance is required to replace your wages while you are unable to work due to your injury. The amount of the wage you receive while you are unable to work is less than your regular paycheck but the amount you receive is not subject to income tax.

What are Permanency Benefits?

Permanency benefits are payments from the insurance company to which you are entitled if your injury is permanent to some degree. Permanency benefits are calculated based upon the seriousness of the injury, the type of injury, and your pre-injury income. If a permanent injury affects your "body as a whole", the extent to which your earning capacity has been reduced over the remainder of your life is also a factor.

Iowa worker compensation laws can be complicated and you may be entitled to substantially more money than what the insurance carrier pays your voluntarily.

I approach every case with the intent to get the best results for my clients. If you or a loved one has suffered injury on the job, please feel free to call or email me. Consultations are free, and there is no charge unless I recovery money for you. 515.223.9000

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